Hope, Healing,
and Recovery

Providing Primary Medical Care for Adults

Hope, Healing,
and Recovery

Providing Primary Medical Care for Adults

Caring medical nurse comforting senior patient in office

Board Certified Internal Medical
Care Provider

Brilliance Internal Medicine Group has over 30 years of experience as a medical provider providing certified care to patients in-office or telehealth appointments. We offer medical services for seniors and adults above 18 and those who suffer from specific diseases like cardiac, pulmonary, and renal care.

About Our Medical Director

Our medical director, Rhonda Luster MD, has lived in Southern California and worked in Long Beach for the past 20 years. With many years of experience in providing medical care, we understand our community’s unique needs. We understand that what our patients want is not always what is provided to them in other care facilities. We provide quality senior citizens care services with a specialization in diseases such as diabetes and hypertension.

Dr. Rhonda Luster - MD

Why Choose Us

There is a great need for more medical providers in smaller groups who are available to the people. Moreover, representation is important to the local communities, and there is a great need to have diversity in medical facilities near them. We provide quality medical care with exceptional patient experience and support. Our priority is to establish our group as a leading internal medicine provider to our communities and their medical needs.


Mission, Vision, & Values

At Brilliance Internal Medicine Group, our goal as a practice is to serve our patients based on their specific needs. We follow patient-centered healthcare with quality, professional, and reliable services. Our priority is to achieve good health and well-being in our community and establish positive relationships with the patients.