About Brilliance Internal Medicine Group

Our founder, Rhonda Luster MD, at Brilliance Internal Medicine Group has over 30 years of experience providing excellent medical care to the community. She completed a biology major at UCLA in 1986 and graduated from UCLA School of Medicine in 1991. After that, she completed a residency and internship at a UCLA affiliated program. She is Board Certified in Internal Medicine



Dr. Franklin Millin has over 35 years of of experience providing care for Geriatric and Internal Medicine patients.  He has worked in the Southern California area for over 35 years.  He majored in Chemistry and Biology at the American University and  graduate of Howard University Medical school. He is Board CertifiedIn both Internal and Geriatric Medicine.

Patient-Centric Approach to Medical Care

Over the years, we have heard the dissatisfaction of our community about how their medical care was delivered. It is a common thought that physicians are not listening and understanding their needs. At Brilliance Internal Medicine Group, we strive to provide comprehensive patient care to make sure that our patients are comfortable and safe with our doctors.

Your Well Being Is Our Priority

After many years of experience working in the medical field, our goal is to be sensitive to our patient’s concerns. We aim to clarify their medical conditions and practice honest communication with the patients and their family members.

Our Core Values

At Brilliance Internal Medicine Group, we strive to provide affordable, accessible, and trusted healthcare services to our community. We offer the highest standards of medical services and deliver great patient satisfaction. Our core values include honesty, integrity, and fairness to all our patients.