Our Primary Medical Services
for Adults

The Brilliance Internal Medicine Group provides unmatched quality medical care for chronic disease while building positive relationships. Our doctors are extremely professional, experienced and respectful towards our patients.

Primary Care Visits

Our primary care visits include medical care for chronic diseases, post hospital care, etc. An expert team of doctors and friendly clinical staff will ensure that our patients receive exceptional medical care experience with us.

Annual Wellness Exams

We offer visits for people above the age of 65 for routine physicals. We provide a Medicare-guided visit to check our senior patients' general health and well-being. With a yearly appointment with our doctors, our annual wellness exams help prevent illnesses and keep your health in check.

Urgent Visits

Our urgent visit services are designed for immediate care for incidents like injuries, cuts, infections, etc. Patients do not have to go through a long waiting time if their injuries require immediate medical assistance.